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Citizens Advice press release

Citizens Advice prepares for the busiest time of the year for debt advice

The last week of January is the busiest time for debt advice at Citizens Advice. Analysis of last year’s data revealed that on a single day, 29 January 2019, Citizens Advice offices helped 2,776 people with a debt problem- 24% above the daily average.

Government risks “fatally undermining” net zero target, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is warning the government it risks fatally undermining the country’s ability to achieve net zero by 2050 unless it puts the public at the heart of the process

Citizens Advice response to CMA announcement of 6 month extension

Citizens Advice response to the Ofcom update on its Fairness for Customers programme

“As the government and Ofcom have recognised, it is unfair to continue charging people for their mobile handset after their contract has ended.

Citizens Advice response to FCA announcement on cash savings

Citizens Advice responds to iSupply paying £1.5 million for price cap overcharging

Citizens Advice, in its role as the official consumer watchdog for energy, has responded to Ofgem’s announcement that iSupply is to pay £1.5 million pounds for price cap overcharging.

Energy customers still struggling to get accurate bills says Citizens Advice

An accurate bill is the top priority for energy consumers, according to a new poll by Citizens Advice.

Failed energy suppliers cost consumers £255m since 2018, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has responded to new Ofgem data on unpaid energy industry bills left behind by failed suppliers. Alongside this, the charity has released new analysis showing consumers are now facing a £255m bill following the collapse of these firms, which will be paid through higher energy bills of their own.

Parcel delivery companies must do more for disabled consumers, Citizens Advice says

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliveries start to arrive, Citizens Advice is calling on parcel companies to take action so they serve disabled consumers.

Citizens Advice says problems with parcels cost consumers at least £85 million a year

As many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliveries arrive this week and Christmas shopping ramps up, Citizens Advice has found problems with parcels affect over half (59%) of those who shopped online in the past year.

Counter-productive council tax collection practices work for no one, says Citizens Advice

Households struggling to pay their council tax are being pushed into further debt as outdated regulations see councils resort to bailiffs to collect arrears, says Citizens Advice in new research published today.

Citizens Advice top tips for safe and savvy consumers on Black Friday

In the last year, Citizens Advice consumer service has dealt with almost half a million consumer-related issues like faulty washing machines, undelivered parcels and fake designer goods.

Next government must act on preventable problems, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is calling on the next government to take action to prevent some of the problems faced by the over 2.5 million people who seek its help each year.

Over a million UK businesses at risk of being cut off and ripped off in energy sector

Around 1.5 million UK businesses face a greater risk of having their energy supply disconnected than the average household, and of exploitation by unscrupulous energy brokers. This is all due to a lack of protections in the microbusiness market, according to a new report - Closing the Protection Gap - from Citizens Advice.

Further action needed to limit costs of supplier failures, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice, in its role as the official consumer watchdog for energy, has responded to news that Toto Energy has ceased trading.

Ofgem proposals for new financial checks on energy suppliers are positive news, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice, in its role as the official consumer watchdog for energy, has responded to Ofgem proposals on new financial checks and tests for existing suppliers.

Loopholes in renter reform proposals could keep tenants at risk of unfair eviction

Changes to tenancy rules, aimed at helping renters, could unintentionally leave vulnerable groups at continued risk of being unfairly evicted says Citizens Advice.

Citizens Advice to Financial Conduct Authority’s announcement on insurance market

“Last year we submitted a super-complaint showing loyal customers are being penalised hundreds of millions of pounds a year on their home insurance alone."

Getting decisions about decarbonisation wrong risks hitting “those who can least afford it”, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice, in its role as the official consumer watchdog for energy, has responded to Ofgem’s State of the Market report, which finds that greenhouse gases fell last year by 2.5%, the smallest reduction since 2012.

Citizens Advice Cymru secures future funding for advice services in Wales

Citizens Advice has been awarded funding by the Welsh Government to provide advice services across Wales from 1 January 2020 for 12 months.